3D Ultrasound Bronx Brooklyn Long Island NYC- Sonogram
3D Ultrasound Bronx Brooklyn Long Island NYC- Sonogram
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3D Ultrasound Brooklyn & Bronx, NYC

3D Ultrasound Brooklyn & Bronx, NYC

Queens Ledger FEATURED 3d-4d Ultrasound provider in NYC. Call 718-844-2221. 3D-4D Studio by Nigina serves clients in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island. Nigina and her team are Warm, experienced and affordable. Their studio produces extremely high quality images. Having a baby is one of the most joyous experiences a woman will ever have. Although labor is painful the end result is the most fabulous result that has ever been known on earth. We urge everyone to take this experience to the next level and meet your baby in a way you never imagined. Now is the time to take advantage of their special NYC style 4D in utero ultrasound specials. Nigina's studio provides the highest quality 3D & 4D images that are available on the market. She uses state-of-the-art technology that will leave you with breathtaking photos of your child in mothers stomach.
Categories: Health Care
Health Care
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3D Ultrasound Brooklyn & Bronx, NYC

3D-4D Studio

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3D Ultrasound Brooklyn & Bronx, NYC — Health Care — Bronx

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